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AR# 21622

7.1i EDK - Getting error(Unrecognized opcode: `_vector\) when building the Ultra Controller-II design software


Keywords: EDK, UC2, ultra, controller,
Ugency: Standard

General Description: When building the Ultra Controller-II software in EDK 7.1 you receive the following messages:

sw/standalone/src/simon/simon.c: In function `main':
sw/standalone/src/simon/simon.c:195: warning: implicit declaration of function `strcpy'
sw/standalone/src/common/xvectors.S: Assembler messages:
sw/standalone/src/common/xvectors.S:318: Error: Unrecognized opcode: `_vector\'
sw/standalone/src/common/lcd.c: In function `LCD_Write':
sw/standalone/src/common/lcd.c:86: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlen'
make: *** [ppc405_0/code/simon.elf] Error 1


This is a known issue and due to the upgrade of several libraries and the GCC compiler in used by EDK. In order to fix this, please use the following steps:

1) Open and modify the up-revved *.ise file
-In ISE, right-click on Implement Design and select Properties.
Select the Translate Properties tab and under Macro search
path value remove the trailing slash

2) Replace the crt0.s & xvectors.s files with newer files located
at: %XILINX_EDK%\sw\standalone\src\common
AR# 21622
日付 04/16/2007
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