AR# 2177


Orcad Capture - Design rule check gives "no matching pin" error for OFD16 component


Keywords: Orcad, Capture, OFD16, pins, matching

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When I use an OFD16 in an Orcad Capture design, I encounter the following warning
from the design rule checker:

[DRC0012] Pin has no matching port in schematic below U...
[DRC0013]: Port has no matching pin in part instance above...


This warning message may be due to a problem with the library symbol. Descend into
the OFD16 component and see if the output and input bus names have an index [15.0]
instead of [15..0] as they should. (This was a problem in the original Capture libraries.)
If so, change the bus index to [15..0].

Orcad has been notified of this error.

If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact Orcad technical support for an
updated library.
AR# 2177
日付 04/10/2001
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種類 一般
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