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AR# 21930

7.1i iMPACT - iMPACT will not program the XCF00P PROM if the revisioning has not been turned on


General Description: 

iMPACT will have problems programing the XCFP PROMS (08, 16, or 32) if the design revisioning has not been turned on.


It is always best to be using the latest version on iMPACT when operating on these devices. iMPACT 7.1 through 7.1.03 has had problems programing the XCF00P PROMs when design revisioning was not turned on.  


This issue has been fixed in Service Pack 4. 


The files can also be regenerated with the design revisioning enabled. Leaving all of these settings to the defaults will allow programing and usage of these parts without the design revisioning features. This flow will enable the advanced features of the PROM and create a ".cfi" file. This file is required for iMPACT to function properly on these devices.

AR# 21930
日付 05/19/2014
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種類 一般