AR# 2196


5200: Readback with xchecker on 5202 devices


Keywords: 5200, 5202, readback, XACTstep 5.2.1/6.0.1, xchecker

Urgency: Hot


XACTstep 5.2.1/6.0.1 can not perform readback with xchecker on
5202 devices.


Current XACTstep 5.2.1/6.0.1 does not support readback with xchecker for 5202. However, readback is supported in the rest
of 5200 family. makebits program needs to run with following options:

Makebits -l -f readcapture:enable <design>

Users should understand this is not an architectural problem
but a software limitation.
AR# 2196
日付 01/12/2003
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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