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AR# 22180

SPI-4.2 v7.3 - SnkBusErr is asserted during phase alignment


In the simulation or in the device operation, during the initial phase alignment, SnkBusErr is asserted along with SnkBusErrStat, indicating DIP4 error and other error conditions. Once the core aligns (SnkOof=0), no SnkBusErr is seen.


These error conditions are expected during the phase alignment, and SnkBusErr should be ignored until the core completes the initial phase alignment, which is after PhaseAlingComplete="1."  


This is fixed in SPI-4.2 v8.1 Core. SnkBusErr will no longer be asserted during clock-data alignment.

AR# 22180
日付 05/19/2014
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般