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AR# 2227

M1: Design Manager help ->ld.so.1:hyperhelp:fatal:libXmu.so.4:can't open file: errno=2


Keywords: hyperhelp, design manager, libXmu.so.4, ld.so.1

Urgency: standard

General Description:
When invoking Help from Design Manager on a Sparc Workstation, it may fail to come up, and the following is echoed to the xterm that "dsgnmgr" was invoked from:

ld.so.1:hyperhelp:fatal:libXmu.so.4:can't open file: errno=2


Check to ensure that the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable includes
/usr/openwin/lib; this directory has the libXmu.so.4 library.

setenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH $XILINX/bin/sol:/usr/openwin/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

AR# 2227
日付 10/06/2008
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般