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AR# 22624

8.1i XST- "ERROR:Xst:787 - "<filename>.vhd" line 263: Index value <8> is not in Range of array <$n0004>""


Keywords: ISE, HDL, Vhdl, Record , dynamic, select

Urgency: Standard

General Desciption:
When my design contains a dynamic index of record element, the record array element is considered as having type "array (8 downto 1)", the following error occurs:

"ERROR:Xst:787 - "original.vhd" line 263: Index value <8> is not in Range of array <$n0004>"

Why is this occurring?


This is a known issue with XST, where it does not know what to do when the lowest indice is not a 0.

To work around this issue, change the type array to the following:
type array (7 downto 0)

This issue has been fixed in ISE 8.2i.
AR# 22624
日付 01/08/2009
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