AR# 2288


M1.5/M1.4/M1.3 MAP: BEL-level PROHIBIT constraints are not supported


Keywords: prohibit bel constraint comp

Urgency: standard

General Description:
Reference Number: 17678
In the M1.3 release, MAP is COMP-based, meaning it supports
constraints at the CLB, IOB, wide decoder, and TBUF level.

Constraints (including PROHIBIT constraints) placed on BELs
(Basic Elements like flip-flops or function generators within
a CLB or IOB) are not supported.

For this release, Map will only accept PROHIBIT constraints
on COMPs. There is no way to prohibit specific Registers,
FMAPs, or HMAPs in the CLB from being used.


To prevent Map from placing additional logic into specific
BELs of a CLB, configure the CLB in EPIC, create a hard macro
from the CLB, and instantiate it into your design.

For more information on creating physical macros, refer to
the (Xilinx Manual EPIC Design Editor Reference/User Guide)
AR# 2288
日付 03/27/2000
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