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AR# 22976

10.1 AccelDSP Synthesis Tool - Does AccelDSP have a batch-mode tool? Where can I find documentation on the AccelDSP command line flow?


Does AccelDSP have a batch-mode tool?


Yes, there is a batch-mode tool named "AccelShell.exe," located in the bin directory with "AccelDSP.exe" (the GUI). To develop AccelDSP Tcl scripts, run the GUI and use the "accel.log" file as a starting point. For example, if you run the ArrayAddition example in the GUI, you can rerun the same steps by copying the "accel.log" to another file and running it as follows (the following is for a cygwin shell; DOS shell works slightly different): 


cp accel.log run.tcl 

<XILINX INSTALL DIRECTORY>DSP_Tools/AccelDSP/bin/AccelShell.exe run.tcl 


AccelShell is the same as the Tcl console window in the GUI, so you can develop scripts by performing the steps in the GUI and observing what commands are generated in the Tcl console. 


To help you get started, here is a chart of the flow commands: 


Verify -floatingpoint  

Sub-invoke MATLAB and perform a simulation on the floating-point MATLAB 


Analyze the MATLAB source 

Generate -fixedpoint  

Convert floating-point MATLAB into fixed-point MATLAB 

Verify -fixedpoint  

Sub-invoke MATLAB and perform a simulation on the fixed-point MATLAB 

Generate -rtl  

Generate synthesizable RTL VHDL or Verilog 

Verify -rtl  

Sub-invoke ModelSim or ISIM and perform RTL simulation on the Generated HDL 


Sub-invoke Synplify Pro, or XST and perform RTL Synthesis 


Sub-invoke Xilinx ISE and perform place and route 

Verify -gatelevel  

Sub-invoke ModelSim or ISIM and perform gate-level simulation 


An additional tip is that AccelDSP automatically performs all required flow steps necessary to successfully execute the command entered. Consequently, if you just completed Analyze and want to run gate-level verification, you can enter the following: 


Verify -gatelevel 


This runs all intermediate steps without having to type all of the commands. 


Verify -g 

(this is the shorthand version of the command)

AR# 22976
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