AR# 2302


M1: How to find the C Vol Serial Number and ethernet address?


Keywords: license, c vol serial, ethernet address

Urgency: Hot

General Description: Shown below are procedures to find your C vol serial
number and your ethernet address.


For M1.3 (i.e., flexlm version 5.0)
The ethernet address is found by opening an MS-DOS session and typing:

<full_path_to_Xilinx_executables>\lmutil lmhostid

If the software has not been installed yet, just run it off the CD like so:

D:\bin\nt\lmutil\lmhostid < This should give you a 12 digit number>

For M1.4 (i.e., flexlm version 5.12)
The Volume Serial Number must be from the C:\drive, even if the software
is to be installed elsewhere. Open an MS-DOS session and type VOL C:

Start->Programs-> (Xilinx / Xilinx Foundation Series which ever applies ) -> FlexLM License Manager -> Advanced -> Diagnostics

This will give you the information similar to the following :

HOSTNAME = <machine name>
USER = <user name>
DISPLAY= <machine name>
INTERNET= <ip address>
<12 digits ethernet address >
DISK_SERIAL_NUM= <C volume serial number>

AR# 2302
日付 10/06/2008
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