AR# 23155

LogiCORE SPI-4.2 (POS-PHY L4) v7.4 - A patch is needed to address SPI4.2 issues in Virtex-4


This patch is applicable to SPI-4.2 Core users who target Virtex-4 only. It does not apply to users who target Virtex-II or Virtex-II Pro. All SPI-4.2 Core users targeting Virtex-4 (v7.4) must download a patch to address the following issues: 


(Xilinx Answer 23047) Continuous DPA does not work.  

(Xilinx Answer 23047) PMCD option can be used only with Continuous DPA. GUI is updated.  

(Xilinx Answer 23058) DPA status monitor does not work when non-continuous DPA is used.  

(Xilinx Answer 16176) DPA circuit does not wait for Ready from Idelay controller.  

(Xilinx Answer 23038) Source core (64-bit) has problem sending out the last packet.


SPI-4.2 v7.4 core is available with 8.1i IP Update #1. The latest IP Updates are available from the Download Center at:
Once you have installed the latest ISE Service Pack and IP Update #1, you will need to install a patch over your ISE installation. 


Follow these steps: 


1. Download the patch from:

2. Save the patch in a temporary directory on your system. 


3. Using Winzip or other file extraction utility, extract the zip file over your ISE8.1i design tools installation. Typically, on PC systems, this is C:\Xilinx. 


4. Generate the SPI-4.2 Core and start your design using the generated files. If you have previously generated SPI-4.2 Core v7.4, you will need to regenerate the SPI-4.2 Core using the same configuration you have been using. For information on how to generate a core using an XCO file, see the Core Generator User Guide. 


5. Replace the previously genertated netlist file (<comp_name>_snk_pl4_top.ngc and <comp_name>_src_pl4_top.ngc) with the newly generated netlist file and implement your design from NGDBuild stage.

AR# 23155
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