AR# 2364


1.5i 4K* Map - "ERROR 0 - FMAP symbol - RLOC parameter suffix doesn't match block type" on single-flip-flop macros


Keywords: RLOC, MAP, PRIMITIVE, XACT, macro, suffix, block
type, single ff flip-flop, 12428

Urgency: standard

General Description:
RLOCs of the form, R0C0.FFX, attached to single flip-flop
macros may cause Map to issue the following error message if
the primitive flip-flops underlying the macro do not already
have RLOCs already attached to them:

"ERROR 0 - FMAP symbol - RLOC parameter suffix doesn't match
block type"

XACT STEP 5.2.1 or and earlier versions allowed you to add
these types of RLOC attributes to flip-flop macros such as
the 4K family FDP, or the FDE flip-flop macros, even though
the underlying FDCE's in these macros did not have RLOCs
attached to them.

Schematic users using RLOCs need to be especially aware of
this discrepancy between XACT 5.x and M1.

Reference: 12428


Review your design and determine which of the components with
RLOC attributes attached to them are macros. For those
components that are macros, check to see whether
the underlying flip-flop primitives (FDCE's or FDPE's) have
RLOCs attached to them.

You can confirm whether a library component is a macro by
referring to the online (Xilinx Manual Libraries Guide),
which is accessible by typing the Dynatext "dtext" command.
AR# 2364
日付 03/27/2000
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