AR# 24371

9.1i PCI/PCI-X LogiCOREs - PCI and PCI-X cores inadvertently shipped on the 9.1i DVD


The following PCI and PCI-X cores were inadvertently shipped on the 9.1i DVD. Can these cores be used? 


PCI 32 v3.161 

PCI 32 v4.2 

PCI 64 v3.161 

PCI 64 v4.2 

PCIx Interface v6.2 

PCIx/PCI 64 bit Interface v5.160


No, these cores are not officially available for 9.1i until the IP Update 1 release in February, 2007. Please continue using the 8.2i SP3 with IP Update 3 until the 9.1i IP Update 1 release is available. See (Xilinx Answer 24380) for more information.

AR# 24371
日付 05/21/2014
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