AR# 24858


9.1i Spartan-3A MAP - "ERROR:MapLib:662 - Problem netlisting input design. Exiting..."


I have targeted a Spartan-3A device with a design containing RAM32X1D primitives, and MAP fails with the following error: 


"ERROR:MapLib:662 - Problem netlisting input design. Exiting.." 


What does this error mean?


This error has been seen when Dual Port RAM primitives have been used that are not supported by Spartan-3 devices. The largest Dual Port RAM primitive supported by Spartan-3 is the RAM16X1D. A Change Request (CR) is under investigation to have MAP print a more descriptive error message. 


For more information on the distributed RAM configurations supported by Spartan-3, see the Spartan-3 User's Guide, page 209, table 6-3 for "Single- and Dual-port RAM Primitives Supported in a CLB by Family":

NOTE: The Libraries Guide incorrectly lists the RAM32X1D primitive as supported by Spartan-3 architectures. This is not the case, and the guide will be corrected for ISE 10.1i.

AR# 24858
日付 05/21/2014
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