AR# 270


7318/7336 inverted input in UIM causes warning 205


When compiling a design for 7318/36, FITEQN gives the following warning

es205:[Warning]The partitioner cannot place node 'D' in the uim
because of polarity restrictions on the following input(s):
Node 'D' will be placed in a macrocell instead.
Additional time delay introduced.


The XC7318 and XC7336 do not have inversion capability on input pins (i.e.,
they cannot invert input signals as they enter the chip).

If an equation is declared as a NODE (UIM), and the equation contains inverted
input pin signals, this warning will be issued and the node will not be placed
in the UIM.

Do not declare UIM nodes that contain inverted input pin signals in XC7318
and XC7336 designs.
AR# 270
日付 10/01/2008
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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