AR# 2723


FPGA Express: Program does not start after double-clicking on icon


Keywords: FPGA Express, license, icon, license.dat

Urgency : Standard

General Description:
After invoking FPGA Express, either by double-clicking on the icon or by
selecting Start->Programs->Synopsys->FPGA Express, the FPGA Express splash
screen appears, but nothing happens.

There are a few things that can cause this behaviour.



If the version of FPGA Express has been purchased through Xilinx and uses the
Xilinx license.dat, then the FlexLM license software must be installed. At
a minimum, the %XILINX%\BIN\NT area must exist (with the lmgrd program, etc.),
and this must be defined in the PATH environment variable.

This area may exist by way of a Xilinx M1 install, by copying that directory
from the CD to a similarly named directory on your hard drive, or by simply
refering to the CD itself (PATH=D:\BIN\NT;%PATH% , where D is your
CD-ROM drive).


If there is a problem with the license.dat or the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable,
then this behaviour may occur.

Check to make sure the license exists and that the LM_LICENSE_FILE points to
that explicit license.dat file. Use the LMUTIL tools to check the validity
of the license.dat. Check that the license.dat refers to the Ethernet
address or C: drive Volume Serial Number of the machine used for licensing.

Problems with the licensing will usually give an error, but not always.


If certain files in the C:\Windows directory have dates set in the future,
they will need to be modified to have this problem corrected.
Freeware/Shareware utilities like "touch.exe" will update the timestamps.
These files may vary, but always reside in the Windows directory.


If files in the %EXPRESS%\bin-win32i directory have become corrupt, they
will need to be replaced. To do so, simply reinstall FPGA Express. Check
the other solutions before doing this.


If you have an older version of Windows 95, you'll have to update the Windows
DLL files by installing Internet Explorer 4.0. See (Xilinx Solution 3564) for
details on this resolution.
AR# 2723
日付 09/13/2002
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