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M1.3 Install (Win95 CD): "Windows cannot find file setup.exe" or "Setup is unable to locate script file d:\setup.ins", error 107


Keywords: Install, Win95, setup, hang, MSCDEX.EXE

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1. "Setup is unable to locate script file d:\setup.ins",
error 107
2. After trying to run setup.exe, "Windows cannot find file
setup.exe" is reported.
3. All files and directories are visible from the root
directory, but none of the subdirectories can be accessed.

If any of these symptoms are encountered, check the following:

1. CD-ROM recognized by Win95:
-Right click on the "My Computer" icon
-Select properties
-Select Device Manager
-See if CD-ROM is one of the selectable devices

2. The Autoexec.bat or Config.sys loads MSCDEX.EXE

If MSCDEX.EXE is loaded in Autoexec.bat and the CD-ROM is not
listed by Device Manager, the M1.3.7 CDs will not be readable
by the CD drive.

If the CD drive is listed by the Device Manager, REM out the
MSCDEX.EXE driver from the Autoexec.bat and see if the CD drive
can be access through Windows Explorer after rebooting.




The M1.3.7 CDs are Win95/NT ONLY CDs and cannot be read by a
Win3.1 system or a system that uses the Win3.1 driver
MSCDEX.EXE. This problem does not exist with any of our older
CDs because the other CDs had filenames that were 8.3

Since our M1 CDs have long filenames, making the CDs Win3.1
readable would still not allow systems using the Win3.1 driver
to install our software. When a long filename is encountered
the install program would report an error.


If the CD drive is not listed by Device Manager try the

1. "REM" out MSCDEX.EXE from the autoexec.bat or config.sys.
2. Goto Control Panel
3. Run Add New Hardware
4. Check Device manager for the CD drive

If the problem is still encountered, the vendor of the CD
drive or the (IDE or SCSI) controller card may have updated
drivers; otherwise, the customer may need to get a new CD
drive that is fully compliant with Win95.


If the other solution does not work, try upgrading WIN95 to a
newer version.
AR# 2786
日付 01/28/1999
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