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How to obtain pfs code for HP for mounting CD-ROMS with pfs_mount?


General Description:

Listed below are 2 methods of obtaining the pfs_* code needed

for HP 9.0* and 10.01 platforms used for installing software

from the Xilinx CD.

The Portable File System (PFS) allows you to access a variety

of CD-ROM file systems including the Xilinx CD-ROM, which is a

RockRidge Interchange format. Use PFS if you are installing

Xilinx software onto an HP-UX system.

PFS handles exporting of CDROM filenames, and is the most

versatile solution to the CDROM compatibility problems in


HP has an agreement through Young Minds, Inc,

( to make available pfs code for the 700

and 800 series systems running 9.xx and 10.xx.


For HP-UX 10.* users, PFS has become a part of the core

operating system with the release of HP-UX 10.10.

If you are a HP-UX 9.* user in need of PFS, the PFS software

can be obtained from

or from the Application Software CDROM if you have software

support. This code is available on the Nov-Dec 1995

application CDROM and tapes for the 700's, and on the Jan-Feb

1996 Application CDROM/tapes. The media can be purchased from

your local HP sales rep at any time for a nominal fee.

AR# 2802
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