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CONCEPT-HDL: XC4000X schematic libraries must be used to target XC4000EX, XC4000XL, or XC4000XV designs


Keywords: XC4000EX, XC4000XL, XC4000XV, XC4000X, Cadence, Mentor, Viewlogic

Urgency: standard

General Description:
In the M1.4 release, a new library called "XC4000X" has been
added to the Cadence, Mentor, and Viewlogic design entry
interface libraries. The "XC4000X" replaces the "XC4000EX"
library and supports the following architectures:

XC4000XL, and



The XC4000X library represents a "catch-all" library to be
used for designs targeting the XC4000EX, XC4000XL, and
XC4000XV architectures.

The supported library macros and primitives for all three
architectures are identical. The only difference is support
for two additional properties in the XC4000XV architecture.

The collapsing of these three architectures into a single
design entry library simplifies the maintenance of these
libraries, and reduces redundancy in the interface.

With this new change, targeting to the specific architecture
(XC4000EX, XL, or XV) must now be done during the
implementation stage via the NGDBUILD, MAP and/or PAR -p


To convert a Viewlogic M1.3 schematic design using the
XC4000EX library to the XC4000X library, you must run the
Altran command. Within an MS-DOS session, navigate to your
project directory and run the following command:

altran -l primary xc4000ex=xc4000x

Then update your viewdraw.ini file by modifying the libraries
listing in the Project Manager (Workview Office) or the
viewdraw.ini file itself (Powerview).

Consult the Viewlogic Interface and Tutorial Guide in the
Online Docs for more information about Altran.


To convert a Cadence Concept M1.3 schematic design entered
with the XC4000EX library, edit your global.cmd and change
the reference to "xce4000ex" to "xce4000x". Also make sure
that you either:

- Edit the master.lib library file in $CDS/lib has an entry
pointing to the location of the new "xce4000x.lib" library


- Edit your master.local library file in your project
directory to point to the location of the new "xce4000x.lib" library.

Open each schematic of your Concept design, type read in
the new components by typing: "


Then rewrite the schematic by typing:


For more information on converting Concept designs, consult
the Cadence Openbook online documentation.
AR# 2946
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