AR# 2947


VIEWLOGIC: Converting pre-Unified library schematic designs to Unified libraries


General Description:

Designs need to be converted from pre-Unified libraries (before XACT 5.0) to

Unified libraries to take advantage of new parts, new features, and new



In the XACT 5.2.x/6.0.x release, each device family has a corresponding

"shadow" library that corresponds to the pre-Unified library components.

These libraries are identified by an "o" appended to the family name:





For the particular architecture you are targeting, add the corresponding "o"

library as well as the appropriate Unified Library to your viewdraw.ini file

(do not remove the existing pre-Unified library, as it is needed by altran),

then run altran to retarget to the xcX000o library.

For instance :

altran -l primary x4000=xc4000o

This will do what conversions it can. After running altran run the check


check -l primary

This will spot any components that could not be converted using the xc4000o

libraries. These components will need to be replaced by hand.

Also note that since sizes and shapes of the macros in the two libraries, as

well as the actual positioning of the symbol pins on the symbols themselves

are different, many of the buses and nets in a converted design may no longer

be connected when the symbols from the pre-Unified Library are replaced with

symbols from the Unified Library.

Some manual adjustment of net connections will be required.
AR# 2947
日付 09/08/2011
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