AR# 2965


Foundation F1.3, XABEL: Online Help shows incorrect syntax for XABEL LOC = FBnn property.


Keywords: LOC, ABEL, node

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

In the Foundation Online Help, the 3 help screens following
"Using XC9500 Local FB Feedback" show the ABEL statement
"xilinx property 'LOC=FBnn nodename';". This syntax is not
supported by the XABEL interface and the pifg_xa executable
"Warning 19005: Unrecognized property 'loc' encountered and


The following syntax works and should be described in these 3 screens and in "CPLD Attributes Used in ABEL Files":
xilinx property 'BLOCK nodename LOC=FBnn';
AR# 2965
日付 03/02/1999
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