AR# 2988


Foundation F1.x XABEL: XEPLD/Plusasm 'Partition' property not supported


Keywords: partition, xabel, cpld, loc

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

The XEPLD or Plusasm Property 'Partition' is not supported in
the standard Foundation F1.x EDIF flow for XABEL.
If you use the property Partition in your xabel code and then generate an edif file to read into M1 the attribute is not written into the edif.


The XEPLD or Plusasm Properties are not supported in
the EDIF flow for Foundation F1.x XABEL. Please refer to
(Xilinx Solution 3021) for more information about supported
Property statements for F1.x XABEL.

It is possible to maintain the use of the Partition Plusasm
Property by enabling the Plusasm flow in Foundation F1.x.
This flow will force the XABEL compiler write out a .PLD (Plusasm) file instead of an EDIF file. See (Xilinx Solution
2776) for complete instructions on this procedure. The
partition attribute is then written into the .PLD file and used
by the M1 implementation software.
AR# 2988
日付 03/29/2000
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