AR# 30109


9.2i EDK - Create/Import Peripheral Wizard (CIP) - HDL Parser errors detected


When you create a custom peripheral using Create/Import Peripheral Wizard (CIP) with a FIFO read/write interface, you will see the error message "HDL Parser Error Detected" when selecting the "finish" button and the Custom IP Core generation does not complete.


The generated HDL in the "user_logic.vhd" file is incorrect. In order to work around the error, you can edit the .vhd file and import the created files using the CIP Wizard to generate the rest of the files.

Follow these steps to finish the custom IP generation process.

1. Close the CIP wizard by selecting "ok" on the "HDL Parser Error Detected" message box

2. Select the "Cancel" button in the CIP Wizard

3. Open the user_logic.vhd file in the %custom_ip_name%/hdl/vhdl directory

4. Change the following text in the user_logic.vhd file:


IP2Bus_WrAck <= IP2Bus_RdAck <= IP2Bus_Error <= '0';


IP2Bus_Error <= '0';

IP2Bus_RdAck <= '0';

IP2Bus_WrAck <= '0';

5. Use the CIP Wizard to import an existing peripheral using the already-generated .vhd files and the .pao file

AR# 30109
日付 12/15/2012
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