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M1 PLD_EDIF2SIM, PLD_XNF2SIM, PLD_EDIF2TIM - "Error: Could Not find the External part "$SIMPRIMS/___""


PLD_EDIF2SIM, PLD_XNF2SIM, or PLD_EDIF2TIM exits with the following errors:

" // Note: Finding part "$SIMPRIMS/x_buf" (from: Synthesis/EDIF

Interface/Eddm Interface 81)

// Error: Could Not find the External part "$SIMPRIMS/x_buf". (from:

Synthesis/EDIF Interface/Miscellaneous 25)

// Error: View "view_1" was not created successfully;

// thus cannot instantiate "DFF_OUT_YMUX". (from: Synthesis/EDIF

Interface/Miscellaneous 1C)

// Note: Finding part "$SIMPRIMS/x_buf" (from: Synthesis/EDIF

Interface/Eddm Interface 81)"

The error message might reference any simulation primitive in the $SIMPRIMS library.


This error indicates that Mentor Graphics cannot find the value of $SIMPRIMS. Even if this variable is set in your shell environment, it will be unknown to the Mentor design tools if it is not instantiated in your MGC location map (the file referenced by the MGC_LOCATION_MAP environment variable).

To fix this problem, perform the following:

1. If it is not already set, set the SIMPRIMS environment variable to the location of the simprim library ($LCA/simprims):

setenv SIMPRIMS $LCA/simprims

2. Instantiate the $SIMPRIMS variable ("soft name") by adding it into the text file referenced by your MGC_LOCATION_MAP variable, leaving a blank line after the $SIMPRIMS line. Here is an example MGC location map file with $SIMPRIMS properly instantiated:








After saving the new MGC location map, rerun PLD_EDIF2SIM, PLD_EDIF2TIM, or PLD_XNF2SIM and the intended simulation model should be generated properly.

For more information on the SIMPRIMS environment setting, see (Xilinx Answer 2100).

AR# 3037
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