AR# 30510


9.2.01 - System Generator for DSP - What happened to the virtual platform option that allowed me to simulate my EDK Processor block with software in System Generator?


When I try to run a simulation using the virtual platform feature for my MicroBlaze PCORE, I get the following message: 


"Software based simulation is disabled for Sysgen 9.2sp1 and will be re-enabled in the next release. 

You can use hardware co-simulation to simulate the imported EDK processor system. 

Error occurred during 'Simulation Initialization'."


Xilinx Platform Studio has discontinued support of the virtual platform solution and it is no longer available to simulate processor designs in System Generator.  


The error message stating that this will be available in the next release of System Generator is incorrect. This was based on an assumption that the virtual platform would be re-enabled, which is not the case. 


EDK Processor designs can still be cosimulated with your PCORE design by using hardware cosimulation to simulate the processor portion. For details, see the System Generator for DSP User Guide.

AR# 30510
日付 05/22/2014
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