AR# 3059


LOGIBLOX, NGD2EDIF, WIN95: ERROR:basut - Unexpected argument[7] "module_name" found.


General Description:

When using LogiBLOX to create a module, module generation

fails, and messages similar to the following appear.

1. A new window appears with the message,

"Command failed 'ngd2edif -v fndtn -w -n

c:/windows/temp /module_name.ngd module_name'."

(Note the extra blank space in the path to the .NGD file)

2. The "LogiBLOX GUI Message" window reports:

"ERROR: basut - Unexpected argument[7] 'module_name' found."

The reason this happens is because LogiBLOX creates and uses

temporary files in the directory referenced by the Windows

"tmp" environment variable. On a system where this problem is

seen, typically spaces have been appended to end of the value

assigned to the tmp value.

LogiBLOX then runs NGD2EDIF (as shown in message 1 above),

referencing a file in the temporary directory. Because

NGD2EDIF arguments are normally delimited by blank spaces,

the tool interprets the part of the path following the blank

space as an additional argument and generates an error

(message 2 above) about an "unexpected argument".

These errors may be seen on the Windows 95 platform when

invoking LogiBLOX either through Foundation or when

running LogiBLOX standalone.


Remove the spaces at the end of the tmp variable assignment in

the autoexec.bat file, and restart the machine.

AR# 3059
日付 02/26/2014
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