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LogiBLOX, NGD2EDIF, WINDOWS NT: ERROR:basxb:41 - Cannot open temporary output file "C:/TEMP /module_name.ngd"


General Description:

This solution record gives an alternate explanation for why

this error may occur and what to do, assuming that the

suggested resolutions in the error message (making sure

there is adequate disk space, checking that the directory has

write permission, and the network is healthy) do not resolve

the problem.

Messages similar to the following may appear in the

"LogiBLOX GUI Messages" window when module generation


1. ERROR:basxb:41 - Cannot open temporary output file

"C:/TEMP /module_name.ngd"

2. ERROR:basxb:37 - Failed to generate ngd netlist for module


The reason this may happen is because LogiBLOX creates and

uses temporary files in the directory referenced by the

Windows "tmp" environment variable. On a system where this

problem is seen spaces have been appended to end of the tmp

variable assignment.

LogiBLOX then calls NGD2EDIF (message 1 above), referencing

files found inside the temporary directory. Because NGD2EDIF

arguments are usually delimited by blank spaces, the tool

interprets part of the file name as additional arguments being passed to it, resuting in the error.

These messages appear on the Windows NT platform, either when

invoking LogiBLOX through Foundation, or when running

LogiBLOX standalone.


Remove the spaces at the end the TMP environment variable setting.

1. Open Control Panel, and double click on "System."

2. Choose the "Environment" tab.

3. Under User Variables, select the "TMP" variable, and

delete the spaces at the end of the "Value" line.

4. Click "Set," "Apply," and "OK."

5. If LogiBLOX was invoked through Foundation, LogiBLOX and

Foundation Project Manager must be closed and reopened.

If LogiBLOX was invoked standalone, then only LogiBLOX

must be reopened.

AR# 3060
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