AR# 30647


LogiCORE Ethernet 1000BASE-X PCS/PMA or SGMII v9.1 - Virtex-5 GTX VCS Verilog functional and timing simulation errors out and does not complete


Virtex-5 GTX VCS verilog functional and timing simulation error out and do not complete. This affects only simulations using GTX. It does not affect simulations using Virtex-5 GTP or Virtex-4 GT11 simulations.


To fix this issue for functional simulation in the simulation/functional/, change the line: 


$Xilinx/virtex5/smartmodel/lin/wrappers/vcsmxverilog/GTX_DUAL_SWIFT.v \ 


$Xilinx/smartmodel/lin/wrappers/vcsmxverilog/GTX_DUAL_SWIFT.v \ 


To fix this issue for timing simulation in the simulation/timing/, change the line: 





AR# 30647
日付 05/22/2014
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