AR# 3079


A1.4/1.5/2.1i: ViewDraw Check Project: "Could not load schematic sheet" error for LogiBLOX or COREGen module


Keywords: LogiBLOX, Viewlogic, Navigator, check, composite, module, Viewsim,
viewbase, 413, schematic sheet, WIR, Workview Office, Powerview

Urgency: Standard

When LogiBLOX or COREGen modules are generated for Viewlogic schematics, they
are given a module type of 'Composite'. This is done to allow functional
simulations to be done without having to compile the LogiBLOX elements through
NGDBUILD; the simulation can use descriptions that are created when the module
is created.

However, by using this symbol type, bogus error messages will be reported by
two tools. (The LogiBLOX module is called "LOGI" in the following errors)

1) When the Check program is run on the design ('Tools->Check Project' from
within Workview Office's ViewDraw, or 'check -p <design>' from a command
prompt), the following error will occur for each LogiBLOX component:

Error: Could not load schematic sheet - LOGI.1

But the final summary will give:

Total Errors - 0 and warnings - 0

(assuming all the errors are the bogus LogiBLOX errors)

2) The Viewlogic Navigator gives the following errors for each pin on each
LogiBLOX or COREGen module when opening the design:

viewbase-E-413: Error - Schematic Pin Q_OUT on LOGI.1 is not on its symbol.



These errors occur because 'composite' means that Viewlogic expects a lower
level schematic for this symbol, but with LogiBLOX there is no schematic.

These errors can be safely ignored.

The EDIF written by EDIFNETO will refer to the LogiBLOX name and pins, and
NGDBUILD will properly merge the .NGO file produced when the LogiBLOX module
was created. The Navigator will still be able to probe the design even though
it cannot see the non-existent LogiBLOX schematic.


If these bogus error messages really bother you, they can be avoided by
changing the LogiBLOX component type to Module.

Push into the symbol and right-click on the background. Change the 'Symbol
Type' from 'Composite' to 'Module'.

This solution must only be used if you do not plan to do functional simulations
without compiling the design through NGDBUILD. If you do not compile the
design, all LogiBLOX modules set to Block Type 'Module' will produce X's.
This is why the default setting is 'Composite'.

If you are only performing timing simulations, or if you use the Xilinx
Functional Simulation tool (see (Xilinx Solution 1985)) for your functional
simulations, then LogiBLOX and COREGen symbols can be safely changed to
AR# 3079
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