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Mentor 8: Using XACT 5 Timespec, TNM on an old library XC3000A/XC4000 design


Keywords: Mentor 8, Xact, Timespecs, TNM

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

How do I use XACT-Performance in pre-Unified XC3000A designs? How do I use
XACT-Performance 5.x syntax on old-library designs?


It is possible to use XACT-Performance 5.x features on XC3000A designs
created using the old, pre-XACT 5 libraries. It is also possible to use
the new XACT-Performance 5.x syntax on any XC3000A or XC4000 family design
drawn with the old libraries.

You can use the old XACT-Performance syntax for XC3000A designs drawn with
the older libraries by performing the following steps:

* Make sure $LCA points to the new DS344 5.x directory.

* Execute the following command:

cp $LCA/data/edif4000/timespec.eds $LCA/data/edif3000

This will allow you the XC4000 Timespec symbol to process correctly when
placed on an XC3000A schematic. You may then use the Timespec symbol
found in the old XC4000 library on a design that was done using the old
XC3000 library and is targeted at an XC3000A device. For consistency, you
may also want to copy the XC4000 timespec symbol to the XC3000 directory
($LCA/xc3000), so that all parts on the schematic come from the XC3000
directory for an XC3000A design.

To add support for the new XACT-Performance syntax for both XC3000A and
XC4000 design done using the old libraries, perform these steps in addition
to those shown above:

* First, back up the existing property.dat files found for the old
XC3000 and XC4000 libraries using the following commands:

mv $LCA/data/edif4000/property.dat $LCA/data/edif4000/property.old
mv $LCA/data/edif3000/property.dat $LCA/data/edif3000/property.old

* Copy the property.dat files (which EDIF2XNF uses to determine what
schematic properties are valid XNF properties) for the Unified Libraries
into the old library directories. This allows the new properties, such
as the TNM property, to be used in a design using the old library parts.

cp $LCA/data/unified/edif4000/property.dat $LCA/data/edif4000
cp $LCA/data/unified/edif3000/property.dat $LCA/data/edif3000

These steps allow you to use the new TNM property and new TIMESPEC syntax
to define timing requirements on a design done using the old libraries.
AR# 308
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