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XABEL: Does Foundation need to be installed to use XABEL with Alliance software?


Keywords: Xabel, Viewlogic, Workview office, Foundation, F1.3

Urgency: Standard


When using the XABEL software with Alliance software packages,
(ie, Viewlogic, Mentor, etc), is it necessary to fully install
the Foundation software as well?


While the XABEL software for M1 is officially only sold with
the Foundation software, it is possible to install the XABEL
software as a stand-alone package and run it from the command
line for use with other Alliance interfaces. Installing the
full Foundation software will give you a better interface and
GUI to use with XABEL. For complete instructions on
installing the XABEL software (including Foundation, if
desired), see (Xilinx Solution 2951).

After the XABEL software has been installed from the
Foundation F1.3 Implelmentation Tools CD, the necessary
executables will be placed in the $xilinx\bin\nt directory.

Abl2edif.exe is a DOS program. It may be run from the command
line as follows:

The command line: abl2edif <options> Design.abl

The options:

-h print usage message.
-a <family> the option for the first numeric of the xilinx
part family.
Supported family numerics are: 7 for XC7000, 9
for XC9500, others for FPGA families.
default is 9.

-o <output file> the option for the the name of the output
edif file. Default is <module name>.edn
-s <strateg> The option for the conversion strategy.
Supported strategies are mod, and top.
mod: output a module level design (macro)
top: output a complete design with I/O pads.
Default is mod.
-f <paramfile> the option for reading in of command arguments
from the specified file.

All the options will be displayed by typing: abl2edif -helpall.

The resulting EDIF file may be used in the design as described
in (Xilinx Solution 2951).
AR# 3098
日付 03/27/2000
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