AR# 3121


HITOP: xr52:[Warning]NET 'xxxx' is driven by 'yyy' and 'zzz'.


keywords: cpld, UIM, node, force, fast connect, interconnect, matrix

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
When running through the tools the customer may get the message:

xr52:[Warning]Net '$NET00001_' is driven by '$I6/$1I10' and
'$I5/$1I10'. The software will AND them together. To eliminate this
warning, combine them with an AND gate. Make sure two nets are not
accidentally connected together
(e.g., by assigning the same net name).

So the user may want to use the AND gate, but may also want to ensure that
this is forced into the UIM.


By using the AND gate to combine the signals will wire-and the signals
together on the 9500. To force this node into the UIM the following attribute
can be attached to the AND gate:


This will force the AND gate output node into the UIM.

This can be verified by looking at the equations, and for this node there
should be a "FC node" at the end of the line, indicating the node is a
Fast Connect node.
AR# 3121
日付 08/23/2002
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