AR# 31293


11.1 AccelDSP Synthesis Tool - AccelDSP appears to hang when I launch it, or it takes a long time to initialize


After clicking "ok" on the "Tip of the Day", AccelDSP appears to hang and either never launches, or takes an extremely long time in doing so.


When AccelDSP is first launched, it must initialize its connection to MATLAB. This interface uses the MATLAB "COM Server", which has its own technique for checking out a MATLAB license. If you have any floating licenses pointed to by the "LM_LICENSE_FILE" environment variable, this can cause the initialization to take a very long time. 


This is because of the way the MATLAB Com server checks out licenses. It takes a very long time to timeout on each license server you have pointed to by the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable. 


It is best to remove as much from this variable as possible to reduce this startup time. Also, if you have a floating license for MATLAB, you should move this license server to the beginning of the LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable, so it will be found first during AccelDSP startup.

AR# 31293
日付 05/22/2014
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