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AR# 3158

NGDANNO : Warning: basna: 22 - NGDANNO found physical components for which...


Keywords: M1.3, NGDANNO, basna, 22, back-annotation

Urgency: Standard

When running the M1.x Implementation Tools, with the 'Produce Timing Simulation
Data' option selected in Implementation - Options, a Warning may be produced:

Warning: basna: 22 - NGDANNO found physical components for which 100%
back-annotation is not possible. (These components are listed below.)
Some reasons these components may not be fully back-annotatable include:

1. The logic was replicated during physical mapping.

2. MAP was directed to optimize the logic through the use of the -oe or -os
option, or the OPTIMIZE or OPT_EFFORT design attribute.

3. The component's configuration implies a more complex delay model than can
be accurately represented in the original design logic. An example of such
a configuration is an XC4000-family CLB containing both carry logic and
multiple flip-flops.

Simulation models for the following components will be constructed
from the NCD netlist. Signal names buried within these components will be lost.

Then a list of signal names are displayed.


The Warning from NGDANNO is telling you that it was unable to
match each design netlist name to each optimized netlist
name. This warning does not effect the functionality of
the design or the functionality of the optimized design.
This warning was probably generated due to the
trimming/optimization of nets that were named in the design.
The only problem this may create is the inability to
observe/probe nets that have been removed.
This is not to say that the optimized design's functionality
is guaranteed to be 100% of the original design - this issue is unrelated
to the Warning. A timing simulation is required to verify that the correct
functionality has been retained.
AR# 3158
日付 04/05/2000
ステータス アーカイブ
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