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M1.3 Performance Pack: How to install


Keywords: speed files, patches, M1, performance pack, install

Urgency: Standard

General Description: The following solution record discusses
the basics for proper installation of the M1.3 Performance
Pack. There are four possible installations involved.



On the root directory of the disk, there is a SETUP.EXE.

This installs the updated speed files based on the current
settings of the Xilinx environment variable.


In the patch directory there is another SETUP.EXE.

This installs all M1 patches that were created before October
28, 1997. This also installs the patches into the directory
pointed to by the Xilinx environment variable.

Also see (Xilinx Solution 3168) for a note about the Hardware
Debugger patch.


For Foundation users, you will also need to manually copy
some files from the Foundation directory.

Read the README.TXT in this directory for installation


There is also a Lab Installation in the NTLAB directory.

You do NOT want to install this over your current Xilinx
software. This should only be installed on a PC that does
not already have Xilinx installed.

See (Xilinx Solution 3169)
AR# 3192
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