AR# 3206


Foundation F1.4 Project Manager: "Update HDL Macros" option in Project Manager Document menu not found


Keywords: F1.4, Project Manager, update, HDL, macro, document

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

You may see the following window appear when clicking on
either the Implement(M1) icon from the main Project Manager
window or selecting the XACTstep M1 icon from the Status tab:

Macro "XXXXXXXX" is not up to date.
You need to run "Update HDL Macros" option in Project Manager
Document menu to update the synthesis.
Do you want to continue ?

*Selecting YES, although it does bring up the Design Manager,
does not update macros

*There is no "Update HDL macros" option found in the Document


The above mentioned message is misleading.

The following procedure should be followed:

1) Close out the Design Manager (in case it was opened)

2) Click on the Synthesis tab found in the Project Manager

3) Select "Not Updated Macros" option -> Click on "Update"

4) After the symbol has been updated successully, you should
now be able to select the Implement(M1) icon in the Project

5) Select YES if you are prompted to update the netlist
once again.

You can now proceed with the implementation stage.
AR# 3206
日付 04/04/2000
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