AR# 3279


Foundation F1.4 Simulator, XC5200: Outputs are undefined in Timing Simulation


Keywords: undefined, initialize, unknown, simulate, GR, reset

Urgency: Standard

When running a Timing Simulation of a 5K device in Foundation
1.4 the outputs of the simulation are undefined.


The cause of this may be that the registers are not getting
initialized properly. There is a signal called GR in the
simulation netlist which simulates the power-on global reset.
This GR signal must be toggled at the start of the simulation
in order to properly initialize the simulation.

To drive this GR signal:
Select Signal -- Add Signals. Then double click on the GR
signal. Now apply a stimulas to the signal and Toggle. Hold it
high for a clock cycle at least ( This resets the Flip Flops ),
then hold it low for the rest of the simulation.
AR# 3279
日付 04/04/2000
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 一般
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