AR# 32802


11.2 XilinxUpdate - Updating ChipScope 64-bit with 32-bit ChipScope Service Pack


I had downloaded the 32-bit Service Pack for ChipScope on my 64-bit machine with 64-bit ChipScope installed. I was able to run the updater, but when I launch my 64-bit ChipScope, it still shows 11.1. 


Did I correctly install the update?


You should not update 64-bit ChipScope using 32-bit XilinxUpdate Service Pack. ChipScope incorrectly allowed this update. If you installed this update, roll back your update using: 



Start -> Programs -> Xilinx ISE Design Suite 11.1 -> Accessories -> Uninstall Last Update 



In a terminal: xilinxupdate -uninstall 


After rolling back your update, download the 64-bit ChipScope Update and install this Update. 


If you cannot roll back ChipScope, uninstall ChipScope, reinstall ChipScope, and update using the correct updater.

AR# 32802
日付 05/21/2014
ステータス アーカイブ
種類 既知の問題
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