AR# 32869


MIG v3.1, Spartan-6 MCB - When a MIG MCB project is reloaded using Recustomize (Under Original Settings) display issues occur


When a Spartan-6 single MCB design is reloaded using Recustomize (Under Original Settings), if an additional controller is selected in the memory selection page, some values are shown as blank in the following pages of the GUI: 


1. User Interface page 

2. Arbitration page 

3. FPGA options page for the second controller


To work around this issue, reopen MIG and create a new MCB design. Currently, MCB projects cannot use the Recustomize (Under Original Settings) option if additional controllers are added to the project. Recustomizing the single controller design will not cause errors. 


This GUI display issue will be resolved in MIG 3.2.

AR# 32869
日付 05/21/2014
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