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ngd2vhdl M1.3/M1.4: Why does ngd2vhdl create a data type called std_logic_vector2?


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When ngd2vhdl creates an HDL file for simulation, a data
type called std_logic_vector2 is sometimes used.

std_logic_vector2 is a VHDL data type defined by the
Xilinx simulation libraries. This datatype can be found
in VHDL files created by ngd2vhdl. ngd2vhdl uses the
std_logic_vector2 data type if the original design contained
2-dimensional arrays.

The std_logic_vector2 data type is defined in the VITAL
libraries in M1.3/M1.4. When the VHDL file from ngd2vhdl
contains the data type std_logic_vector2, and a VHDL
simulator that analyzes the VHDL from ngd2vhdl errors,
and says that the data type std_logic_vector2 is undefined,
this means that the VITAL libraries are not setup
correctly with the VHDL simulator.



The VITAL libraries for M1.3/M1.4 are located
in $XILINX/vhdl/src


If the Synopsys VSS simulator tool, vhdlan, errors
and says that the data type std_logic_vector2 is undefined,
there are three possible causes: the .synopsys_vss.setup
file is missing, the .synopsys_vss.setup file has
incorrect paths, the VITAL libraries have not been compiled
for the correct version of Synopsys.

The .synopsys_vss.setup file must be present in the directory
that vhdlan is invoked. An example .synopsys_vss.setup file
is in a file called

The .synopsys_vss.setup file has paths which tell the
VSS simulator where to find the simulation files. If
you get an error from VSS/vhdlan that std_logic_vector2
is not defined, the paths for the SIMPRIM libraries
in incorrect. In the example .synopsys_vss.setup file,
the SIMPRIM library is set as follows:

SIMPRIM : $XILINX/synopsys/libraries/sim/lib/simprims

Check that this path exists. Check that the $XILINX
variable is set correctly. Make usre that this is where
the SIMPRIM(VITAL) libraries were installed by your
system administrator.

The last possibility is that the SIMPRIM(VITAL) libraris
were not compiled for the correct version of Synopsys.
Out of the box, the SIMPRIM(VITAL) libraries are compiled
for Synopsys v3.4b. If you are using a newer version
fof Synopsys, these simulation libraris must be recompiled.
See Xilinx Solution 1189 and Xilinx Solution 2311 for
more info.
AR# 3329
日付 04/06/2000
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