AR# 33755


11.x ChipScope Pro Inserter - Spartan-6 is shown as the device family when the project is Automotive or Low Power Spartan-6 FPGA


When I run the ChipScope Pro inserter on an Automotive Spartan-6 device (aspartan6) or Low Power Spartan-6 device (spartan6l) project, it always reports the device family as Spartan-6.  


Will my cores work? How do I work around this issue?


This issue can be safely ignored. These devices are the same from a functional point of view and the ChipScope cores for all 3 are identical.

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32651 Spartan-6 - ISE Design Suite 11 で Spartan-6 FPGA を使用する場合の既知の問題 N/A N/A
AR# 33755
日付 05/23/2014
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