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Foundation\FPGA Express: Adding new libraries for Express projects


Keywords: Foundation, FPGA Express, library, WORK, lib

Urgency: Standard

General description:
The procedure for accessing a user library in FPGA Express has changed slightly for
FPGA Express 2.0 and beyond.


Let's say you have a library called "mylib.vhd". In your design VHDL file you can refer
to this library just like you refer to IEEE or Synopsys libraries:

USE foo.mylib.all;

You'll have to define the library within Express. Here is that procedure:

1. Create a new project. In the Design Sources window, you'll see the name of the project
and the WORK directory.

2. Right click on the project icon or the WORK library and select New Library.

3. Enter the name of the library. In this case it's "FOO".

4. Right click on this new library and select "Identify sources in <library>".

5. Add all the library files to this library. In this case it's "mylib.vhd".

6. Right click on the WORK library and select "Identify sources in WORK".

7. Add all your HDL files to this project.

8. Continue working in Express as usual.

Express can be picky about the order in which files are analyzed. If you have multiple
library HDL files and you receive this error when reading in a design HDL file:

Error: The package "my_constants" depends on the package "your_constants"
which has been analyzed more recently. Please re-analyze the source
file for "my_constants" and try again (LBR-28)

then you will need to re-analyze the library file it refers to (in this case it's "my_constants")
and then re-analyze the design HDL file.
AR# 3506
日付 08/28/2001
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