AR# 3560


Foundation F1.4: Xilinx Online Books (Dynatext) not installed by default


Keywords: dynatext, docs, online, documentation, reference

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

By default, not all of the Xilinx Online Books are installed.
By default, only the Foundation Quickstart Guide and
Foundation User Guide, along with the Dynatext Browser, are

Note that by default with the Foundation BASE packages, NONE
of the Online books are installed by default. See
(Xilinx Solution 3364) for more information.


To install more of the Online Books than what is installed by
default, you must specify this via the Installer of the
Foundation Design Implementation Tools.

* Run the setup program from the Foundation Design
Implementation Tools CDROM.
* Follow the instructions until you get to the
"Select Software Components to Install" window.
* Highlight the Online Documentation (18 sub-components)
* Click the "Change..." button.
* Check the box(es) next to any of the books you wish to
* Click "Continue", and continue with the rest of the install
as usual.
AR# 3560
日付 04/03/2000
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種類 一般
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