AR# 363


Synthx 5.0 may report ignoring maxclbs option even though it uses it


When a design is run through synthx with the standard option and the maxclbs
option set, synthx returns:

SynthX is ignoring maxclbs=155 since the Speed option is set to FALSE.

This parameter sets an upper limit on number of CLBs used by SYNTHX. This
option should only be used in conjunction with the "speed" option. . . .

(The XABEL User Guide states this parameter may be used with the "standard"
option as well, p. 6-9).

However, SynthX does use maxclbs=155 as evidenced by the synthx.log line:

improvex.exe -g standard -z -x -l 155 -p 3k elf6

So, Synthx actually does function as stated in the User guide, but gives an
erroreous error message.

AR# 363
日付 10/01/2008
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