AR# 3670


COREGen v1.4.0, Windows: Blank / empty warning message boxes pop up when warning message is too long on 800x600 video resolution (e.g., Viewlogic, PDA FIR)


Keywords: blank, empty, warning, dialog, long, messages, coregen, PDA FIR, viewlogic, PC, windows

Urgency: hot

General Description:
Blank warning message boxes may pop up when warning message
is too long


There is a known problem with the v1.4.0 release on
Windows platforms when the video resolution on a machine
is set to 800x600 resolution or lower.

To see the warning message, you must resize the window to
make it taller.

The warning message also still appears in the message window
at the bottom of the CORE Generator GUI, and is also
logged to the coregen.log file.

This problem has been seen when selecting Viewlogic schematic
symbol as output format, as well as when loading a .COE
file for the PDA FIR filter core.
AR# 3670
日付 03/27/2000
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種類 一般
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