AR# 3678


Foundation F1.4: Project Manager slow to open in Windows NT


Keywords: slow, pcm, winnt, hang

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

Under Windows NT, you may notice the Project Manager taking up
to 2-3 minutes to open after invoked. This has been seen to be
caused by an incompatible version of the Sentinel driver which
Foundation uses for the XVHDL keylock.


To correct this problem, the current version of the Sentinel
driver must first be removed, and then an older, more
compatible version of the Sentinel driver may be installed.

1. First, remove the current Sentinel driver. To do this,
go to the <ACTIVE>\DRIVERS\WIN_NT directory (where
<ACTIVE> is the Foundation design entry install directory,
typically C:\ACTIVE or C:\FNDTN\ACTIVE) in the Windows
Explorer, and double-click on the program SETUPX86.EXE to
invoke the Sentinel Setup program.

2. In the Sentinel Driver Setup Program window, select
Functions->Remove Sentinel Driver.

**Note: If you are NOT using the Metamor XVHDL compiler for
your design, you may stop here. The Sentinel driver is only
required by the XVHDL compiler. Therefore, you do not need to
reinstall it if you are not using this VHDL compiler.

3. Next, install the Sentinel driver, ver 5.3. This version
of the driver can be found on either the Foundation F1.3
(note: F1.3, NOT F1.4) Design Entry Tools CDROM, or on the
Xilinx Web site at:

3a. From the F1.3 CDROM, use the Explorer to go to the
ACTIVE\DRIVERS\WIN_NT directory, and run the program

3b. From the SENT_53.ZIP file from the Web site, unzip the
file, and then use the Explorer to go to the
WIN_NT\ directory. Run the program SETUPX86.EXE.

4. This time, select Functions->Install Sentinel Driver.
Verify that the path to the files is correct, and click OK.

5. Reboot the system.
AR# 3678
日付 04/03/2000
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