AR# 3690


M1 Par or HITOP, ERROR: /usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol: seekoff_9streambuf... running Xilinx DM through Mentor B.1-B.4


Keywords: PAR, Design Manager, Mentor, HP,,, SHLIB_PATH

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When running M1 Design Manager through the Mentor Design Manager, by
running pld_dsgnmgr, on an HP 10.1 or HP 10.2 machine, PAR may error with
the following message:

ERROR: /usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol:
seekoff__9streambufFlQ2_3ios8seek_diri (code)
from /proj/sqabld/qahog/m1builds/x1_4.12/unix/bin/hp/

HITOP may give a message similiar to the following:

usr/lib/ Unresolved symbol: seekoff__9streambufFlQ2_3ios8seek_diri
(code) from /hwpkg/xilinxm1/bin/hp/
/usr/lib/ Unresolved module for symbol:
__link__sti__basrwauditbuf_c_000a6c30___dt_ (data) from


Basically with Mentor B.x there is a shared lib between Mentor and Xilinx,
for which they are incompatible. No matter how the SHLIB_PATH is set before
starting up pld_dmgr, Mentor will append the existing $SHLIB_PATH to the
$MGC_HOME/lib:$MGC_HOME/shared/lib, which is where the problem occurs.

The workaround for using B.x with M1 on an HP system is to exit pld_dmgr
and run 'dsgnmgr' from the UNIX prompt to process the design, then after
exiting Xilinx Design Manager (dsgnmgr), go back into 'pld_dmgr' to
finish up Timing Simulation etc. As long as the environment, namely the
SHLIB_PATH, is set properly, then no environment changes will be needed
when you exit pld_dmgr, run dsgnmgr, and then go back into pld_dmgr.

Development is currently working on a fix.

If you are not using Mentor and get this error, verify that the SHLIB_PATH
is set according to the Release Document that came with the software package.
It should look something like the following:

AR# 3690
日付 10/22/2008
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