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A1.4/F1.4 - Installation of Software Updates.


The following instuctions decribe how to install
a typical Xilinx Software Update for A1.X/F1.X tools.

For a comprehensive list of A1.4/F1.4 Software Updates,



To install into the existing M1.4 area:

uncompress patch_file.tar.Z
tar xvf patch_file.tar

To install into a seperate patch area using the
MYXILINX variable:

If a $MYXILINX directory does not already exist, create
a new directory. Set the MYXILINX variable to this new
directory. Shared libraries and data files in this area
will be used instead of the corresponding files in $XILINX.

setenv MYXILINX /path/to/patch/install/dir
uncompress <patch file>.tar.Z
tar xvf <patch file>.tar
setenv PATH $MYXILINX/bin/sol:${PATH}

NOTE: For SunOS 4.X and HP machines, substitute "sun" and "hp" for "sol"
where appropriate. For HP machines, substitue "SHLIB_PATH" for "LD_LIBRARY_PATH"

To back out the patch, change the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH
variables to their original value and run "unsetenv MYXILINX".

For more information on using the MYXILINX area see:


Use winzip to extract the patch data into the directory
where M1.4 is installed. Usually this will be C:\XILINX.
The following options should be selected:

- All Files
- Overwrite Existing File
- Use Folder Names

There is no need to restart the machine after installation.

AR# 3770
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