AR# 3781


FPGA Express: "XNF Bus style" checkbox in Synthesis->Options->Project defined


Keywords: Foundation Express, FPGA Express, bus, <, >, naming convention, XNF

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
XNF files written by FPGA Express (1.x, 2.0.x) will always use angle brackets
when defining buses (i.e. BUS<3>). There is no way to alter this

Under Synthesis->Options->Project, there is a field to alter the "XNF Bus
style". However, this field refers only to incoming XNF files read by Express.
This is necessary to allow Express to re-assemble buses.

Xilinx recommends treating XNF modules as black boxes instead of reading these
files in for re-optimization, as re-optimization has shown to cause problems
for some designs. See (Xilinx Solution 3508) for more details.


Any modification of bus naming conventions within files produced by Express
must be done manually. Using your favorite text editor, globally search for
and replace the angle brackets, "<" and ">".

See (Xilinx Solution 2076) for more information.
AR# 3781
日付 08/30/2001
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