AR# 3839


V1.5, V1.4 COREGEN, NGD2EDIF: ngd2edif: FATAL_ERROR:baspm:baspmdlm.c:99:1.18 - dll library <vwlne> does not exist


Keywords: ngd2edif, coregen, viewlogic, workview office,
viewdraw, symbol, XNF, vlink, log

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
You may see the following error message when trying to
generate a Coregen module using the CORE Generator v 1.4.0 if
you are targeting the Viewlogic platform:

"ngd2edif -w -n -v viewlog m8x8_ew.ngd m8x8.edn"

ngd2edif: version M1.4.12
Copyright (c) 1995-1997 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.
FATAL_ERROR:baspm:baspmdlm.c:99:1.18 - dll library <vwlne> does not
Process will terminate. Please call Xilinx support.
"edifneti m8x8.edn"
Bad command or file name
"vllink done"


The error message is referring to the file, libvwlne.dll,
located in the <xilinx>/viewlog/bin/nt directory.

Ther problem is seen if you have not installed the Xilinx
Implementation tools from the Alliance pacakge (libvwlne.dll
is automatically installed during this process).

There may have been a problem in the M1.4 Alliance install
in which this dynamic link library did not get installed.
If you do not already have this file installed in the
specified location, you will need to copy it from the
viewlog/bin/nt directory on the Alliance CD to your
Xilinx directory.

If you continue to have problems, copy the entire "viewlog"
folder from the Alliance CD to your Xilinx directory,
overwriting the existing files.
AR# 3839
日付 11/07/2004
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